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  This afternoon, XXX came to my home to do homework, which made me very happy. I went to meet him in a hurry. Then, we came to my house together, and when we were ready for all the work (eating, drinking, going to the toilet, etc.), we began to do our homework.


  I first took out two math newspapers, preempted and started writing. But he was not an ordinary person. He took out the newspaper with lightning speed and began to write. Were like two racing cars, youre in front of you, and then Im on top. Were chasing each other.


  Gradually, I ran in front of him, leading a lot. When I finished writing two newspapers, he only finished one. I went to do other homework in a hurry.


  By the time he finished his math newspaper, I had finished my English. As soon as he saw it, he was eager to catch up. He gradually quickened his pace. When I saw it, it couldnt work. I also accelerated my speed. I wrote it hard, glancing at him from time to time.


  In the end, we finished the race and I won.


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