作者:桂蕾2021-12-19 17:06:50851


  Limiting the Use of Disposable Plastic Bags

  In the past, a great many people used to use disposable plastic bags for shopping and other purposes. However, the excessive use of disposable plastic bags has led to great damages both to environment and to peoples health.

  On the one hand, it takes about 200 years for a buried plastic bag to decompose and be absorbed by the soil. On the other hand, the use of disposable plastic bags will indirectly do harm to peoples health, which is less known to the public. Sometimes people buy hot food packed into disposable plastic bags to save the time and labor in washing their dining utensils. Yet they are not informed of the chemicals in the bags will release in high temperature. Therefore, they are eating the poisonous stuff while enjoying the tasty food.

  Its enlightening and significant that our government has banned the free provision of disposable plastic bags in supermarkets. Trial practice has shown considerable reduction in the consumption of bags. In a word, fewer plastic bags will bring us the sustainable development of our earth. (177 words)


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