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  Benefits and Challenges of Online Shopping

  With the popularity of Internet, more and more people are inclined to choose online shopping. Not only could people select their favorite commodities such as clothes, food, cell phones through the Internet, but also they could enjoy some services of remote learning, online payment, online booking and so on.

  Online shopping has its particular advantages which are hardly found in the traditional shopping. For on thing, it is a desirable way to save much time for shopping. People neednt spend a whole daytime to lounge from one store to another for their shopping, however, what they have to do is just to browse the laptop with a cup of coffee and click softly for their goods. For another, online commodities tend to be cheaper than their counterparts because the cost of online store is usually lower than a conventional one. But online shopping also confronts many new challenges which include the inconvenience of remote transaction, lack of effective supervision and the risk of virtual platform.

  I believe that online shopping will appeal to more consumers in the near future, though it is still far from perfection and satisfaction now. All the challenges it faces will be the best motive for its advancement. (199 words)


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