英语六级命题作文:宠 物

作者:函格2021-12-19 17:06:50726


  A pet is all animal which is raised or kept by people as a companion. In recent years, more and more people, old or young, rich or poor, like to keep a pet such as a dog, a cat, a monkey and so on.

  Pets gain much love from people and they also bring people a lot of happiness. They not only are good friends to their masters but also become members of the family. Although they are not human beings, their behaviors sometimes are better than certain human beings, for they always remain obedient and loyal to the master. There are many stories that a pet saved his or her masters life or even traveled thousands of miles to return home. Moreover, trained pets are very helpful. For instance, a trained dog can help the blind to walk and a trained pig can even find out drugs from goods. But sometimes pets are trouble-makers. Some pets such as dogs or snakes may attack people unexpectedly. And a lot of people get infected because of the virus carried by their pets.

  Referring to whether raising pets should be advocated or not, my opinion is, raising pets should be controlled. (199 words)

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