作者:娅蕾2021-12-19 17:06:50284

  Boycotting the Campus Violence

  It is reported that sensational violence occurs at campus from time to time. Even though the government and school authorities have legislated strict laws and regulations against campus violence, the result is still far from satisfaction.

  Boycotting the campus violence is a rough and complicated project which requires the close cooperation of the society, schools and students. For one thing, schools are preferred to pay a leading role in educating students and supervising their behaviors. There are many effective methods available to schools. For example, they could launch a series of activities, such as holding a lecture, showing performances and watching propaganda films to make students aware of the terrible consequence of campus violence. Prevention is the best medicine for cure. For another thing, our government and schools are hoped to take severer measures to punish those students who break the law or regulation on purpose, at the same time its beneficial to provide them with some psychological treatment.

  Campus is a pure land, which permits no crimes, fraud and violence. Lets work together to eliminate violence and create a clean, beautiful and harmonious campus. (189 words)


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