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  Is Stress a Bad Thing?

  According to a recent survey, in the last few years, quite a number of young people have chosen to quit their demanding but highly-paid jobs. Although they may have their own respective reasons, I dont think their decisions are wise in reality.

  Its true the case is not unique. Some people choose to do something less competitive so that they can lead a comfortable, easy life that a highly-paid job cannot obtain. They are afraid that the stresses and strains of work will rob them of joy and happiness and do them harm both physically and mentally. In fact, however, stress isnt the bad thing it is often supposed to be. A certain amount of stress is vital to provide motivation and challenge, and to give significance to an idle life. People under stress are likely to express their full range of potential and to realize goal of a human life.

  Stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to avoid it. What we can do is to learn to deal with it rather than to escape from it. (184 words)


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