作者:涵凡2021-12-19 17:06:50243

  Remote Education

  When it comes to the choice between studying in traditional colleges and self-studying through Internet, recently more people choose to receive remote education, especially for those white collars, college students and professionals.

  In the eyes of those people studying through Internet, remote education has its own advantages which are beneficial to their study. In the first place, studying through Internet is more efficient and flexible because learners will not be bound up in the classroom at the required time. In the second place, they can listen to the lessons from the famous teachers who are uneasy to contact at campus.

  But remote education is still far from perfection. On one hand, staying before computers too long will make students neglect the importance of communication. On the other hand, different from the traditional teaching methods, students find it more difficult to get feedback from their teachers on time.

  As discussed above, it is obvious that remote education is a new teaching model without offices, classrooms and paper, and in my opinion it represents the trend of educational development and the most effective way to realize the popularity and justice of educational resource. (194 words)


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