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  Should a College Student Run a Business?

  Its fashionable for college students to run a business of their own, such as opening an online store or establishing a company. However, can students become successful businessmen when they still study at the college?

  Some people voted to support it and defend it with their reasons. Managing a company or other businesses not only enriches their working experience and promotes their ability of communication, but also helps them make money to pay for their tuition. On the contrary, those dissenters also adhere to their ideas. They consider that running a business will definitely distract students from their study and play a negative role in their knowledge acquisition. At the same time, those college students who run their business will possibly neglect to participate in campus activities.

  I object to the idea of running a business while studying at the college campus. Four-year-study at the university is the golden time to pursue knowledge and truth. Only doing appropriately at an appropriate time can people obtain their success. (173 words)


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