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   Pets Should Not Be Abolished

  Imagine such a picture, after a whole days exhausting work, you go back home and find yourself greeted by the lovely dog, with your slippers in its mouth. What a lovely and enviable scene! Nowadays keeping pets is gaining increasing popularity and I believe it is beneficial to people.

  In the first place, pets can keep such a good company to people so as to bring pleasure and drive away loneliness. Pet owners involve people of different ages and backgrounds. And the animals people raise vary from dogs, cats, birds to fish and pigs. After a long period of staying together, people view their lovely and faithful pets as old friends and even as family members. With the quickening tempo of life, people grow emotionally more fragile and need more comfort than ever, especially childless couples, children in high buildings, old people living alone and etc. . Even in happy and healthy families, keeping pets brings more than just pleasure to life. Kids can learn how to love and take care of others from living together with their animal friends.

  In the second place, some pets can perform a variety of services such as guarding houses, providing professional assistance and so on. As an intelligent and faithful animal, dogs have been trained to be doorkeepers since long time ago. It is reported in the newspaper that when a thief attempted to break into an empty apartment, a brave pet dog clung to his trousers and bit him in the leg. As a result, he could not help crying out of pain and was caught by the neighbors. And it is also known that some pet dogs and monkeys serve as personal assistants to disabled people. Having received some special training, they can follow simple instructions from their masters and provide faithful company to human friends.

  From what has been discussed above, the benefits of keeping pets speak for themselves. In spite of the large population in China, keeping pets will not interfere with the well being of people. On the contrary, the payoff is worth the effort. Therefore, bearing all the comfort and assistance these lovely animals have brought us, I hope that a second thought is given to the abolition of keeping pets.


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