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  不知什么时候,我的衣服被划开了一道大口子,叫妈妈给我缝,那只妈妈却说让我自己缝,我只好硬着头皮上场表演了。我先找来针、线和一些布学着缝起了衣服来。第一步就是穿线,把线 往针眼里穿,可是我怎么也穿不进去,心里烦极了,而且越烦就觉得难穿,累得我直流汗。待我再拿起针时却发现针眼原来是那么小我现在真是张飞穿针大眼瞪小眼。只好去请教妈妈,妈妈笑着说 :你的穿线方法不对。应该吧线的一端拧细拧尖,心不要慌,手不要抖,就能穿过去。我照做了果然穿过了。

  I dont know when my clothes were cut open and asked my mother to sew them for me, but the mother said I would sew them myself, so I had to go out and perform. First I found needles, thread and some cloth to sew the clothes. The first step is to put the thread into the needles eye. But I cant put it in anyway. Im very upset. The more upset I feel, the harder it is to put it on. Im so tired that I sweat. When I picked up the needle again, I found that the eye of the needle turned out to be so small. Now its Zhang Feis needlework - big eyes stare at small eyes. So I had to ask my mother. She said with a smile, your threading method is wrong. One end of the thread should be screwed carefully and the point should be screwed. Dont panic. Dont shake your hand. You can go through it. I did as I expected.


  At last I sewed the clothes. My mother saw my masterpiece and said happily that it was wonderful. I was as sweet as honey.


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